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Meet Victoria


I'm an event and portrait photographer with 20+ years of experience. I've been using Nikon equipment since I got started. I pride myself on creating enjoyable experiences and capturing meaningful moments for my clients. By connecting with my clients, I create authentic and personal photos that reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles. You'll see my style is clean, crisp, and true to color. Let's capture your cherished memories together.


Personality-wise, I was born in the North and raised in the South. I'm direct, yet kind... a Northern Belle if you will! I'm outgoing and don't shy away from having fun on the dance floor at weddings. I'm also very creative and see photo opportunities that you may not think of. 

I'd love to talk to you about your upcoming photography needs. So reach out and I'll be in touch!

Six (VI) Fun Things To Know:

I. I'm very grateful to God that He has developed this talent in me, so that I can share it with others

II. I'm a family girl... love my family! I'm married with two sweet little girls and a Maltese fur baby

III. I published Spark Acceptance, a coffee table book featuring portraits and stories of exceptional people

IV. I'm an award-winning wedding photographer, featured on the Best of The Knot!

V. A friend told me my spirit animal is a Lioness - I'm active, productive, energetic, and will take charge when needed

VI. I am thankful  to have an amazing team of professional photographers who work with me

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