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Welcome Baby Jackson

I'm honored that this momma chose VI Photography to capture both her maternity and newborn photos. I've known Lexie for many years, having taken fitness boot camp classes together for years. She was one of the best partners ever! Her baby, Jackson, was due in January, so maternity photos were taken in the Fall.

We took photos at Blackburn Park in Brookhaven. Lexie had never considered taking photos there, but I knew this could be the perfect location for Fall photos. I had taken photos at this location last fall and I knew it would be amazing. The leaves had just changed and we decided to take the photos just before sunset. It was freezing outside, but man was it worth it. Lexie was breathtaking in her cranberry colored maternity gown placed in front of the golden leaves and golden rays of sun peeking through.

We patiently waited for Jackson to arrive. When I got the text he had arrived, I was SO excited to meet the little man. We chose to take newborn photos in my studio. This little man let me change his outfits so many times and we were able to pose him in few different outfits and swaddles. We even used my new driftwood bowl and swing props I had crafted.

Disclaimer: Although the picture of Jackson suspended on the swing is super adorable... do not try to take a picture like this at home. There is more that went into this picture than what you see.

Congratulations to the new family. Jackson is handsome and I can't wait to see how he grows!

I absolutely love taking newborn portraits. If you're looking for a maternity or newborn photographer, contact me. I'd love to capture photos of your newborn!

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Torrie!! This are spectacular & your story made these pix even more special! Thank you can’t wait for the 6 month pictures!

He smiled at you for the very first pix♥️

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