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Preparing For Your Newborn Session In Studio

CONGRATULATIONS on your new itty bitty! I love photographing newborns and want to help you prepare.

With my first baby, I remember feeling so overwhelmed trying to leave the house with a newborn in tow. I’ll never forget the first time I forgot to bring an extra outfit … You know what happens when ‘what could go wrong’ does ‘go wrong’… Yep, I carried sweet, naked baby around because she simply could not wear the blowout-stained onsie! Whoops! Back to the topic...

I’ve had a lot of moms ask me, “What do I bring to the newborn session?”

Here are my suggestions on what you should bring:

  1. Bottle or access to momma milk. Even though I recommend scheduling your session close to eating / napping time, baby may need to be topped off during the session... So, have the milk ready. Your session is 2 hours, so make sure you have enough. I keep a nursing cover in studio, so you don't need to back that.

  2. Pacifier. Sometimes babies need to be shushed back to sleep, and this helps.

  3. Diapers and wipes. I know you probably have that in your bag, but it never hurts to have extra. Boogie wipes are great for clearing out eye or nose boogies too

  4. Burp cloth. In case we need to top of during the session, we want to make sure we can clean baby after feeding.

  5. Aquaphor. If baby has dry of flaky skin… this will work wonders for the camera. Trust me.

  6. An extra outfit. Like I said above... just be in the habit of packing an extra set of clothes. Those babies may have a blow-out on the way over and you want them to ride home comfortably;-)

Okay, great. Diaper bag is packed. But what about those cute outfits I want my baby pictured in. Well… here is my two cents. A lot of times newborn sized clothes are super baggie on babies and don’t often photograph well. Certainly bring something if you like, but be cautious because we don't want baby being swallowed up by the clothes.

A few “nice to have” things that I’ve seen work well:

  • Monogrammed diaper covers.

  • Blankets made just for baby (monogrammed or passed down in the family) we can let baby lay on.

  • Stuffed animal you plan to take monthly photos with.

If you don’t want to think about the “nice to haves”, don’t you worry. I have plenty of hats, diaper covers, wraps, and headbands to choose from to style baby for this photoshoot. Confession: I LOVE buying newborn props, furs, wraps, clothes, etc. so check with me if there’s something you had in mind to buy, because I may have it already ;-)

I hope these tips help you in thinking about what to bring to your newborn session!

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