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5 Must Dos After the “I DOs”

You spend months planning your big day. From the venue, to the dress, to the flowers, to the food, and so on. Once it is all over, you may be left feeling a little sad (relieved, but sad). Luckily, you invested in a professional photographer to capture it all so you can relive those moments every single day!

These are my 5 MUST DOs after your “I DOs” regarding those cherished wedding photos!

1. DO back up your photos

Once your photos are delivered, make sure you get those puppies downloaded and backed up on the cloud. There are plenty of affordable cloud storage options for photos (Box, Dropbox, Amazon).“Yeah, okay,” you may say, “I have them on my computer.” Guess what… computers crash. They do… so sad. Even USB drives have a life expectancy of around 10 years, and even that isn’t a guaranteed way to keep them!

2. DO print your photos by a reputable printer.

These aren’t just photos you took on an old disposable camera! These are the photos you invested good money in, with a professional! I spend quality time with each and every photo I provide my clients to consider the colors and details, resulting in amazing quality when printed in high quality. I partner with a professional printing lab to offer quality prints and products.Remember cheap prints are not good and good prints are not cheap (you can insert “photography” for “prints” too). So please… don’t get them printed at a business whose core competency is convienence and pharmacy. Do I really need to explain why the option to buy a toothbrush and have 1-hour turnaround in the same place doesn’t provide the quality these photos deserve? Don’t be fooled into thinking you are saving a bunch of money on prints.Recognizing there may be budget constraints, I do recommend

3. DO share your photos and give photo gifts.

From the minute your big day starts, people are anxiously awaiting to see photos. So share them! From a Facebook album to a digital album password-protected album I provide, you can quickly share your photos friends and family. This is also a great way to share the names of your vendors / photographer! (wink, wink)Your parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws, and wedding party were all part of your special day… make their day special – trust me… they would love to have a framed photo from your wedding. has a lot of great photo gift options!

4. DO display them in your home.

This may seem obvious, but it can be really easy to put off framing your photos once you have the prints in hand. Get those beautiful photos up in your home! Maybe you want a gallery wall full or maybe just a few simple portraits. Whatever your style is, you will love seeing those happy memories every day. DISCLAIMER: Proper framing and matting of photos can make a big difference too, so shop around for a great deal if you are wanting to create a custom look with frames.

5. DO get books made.

There are so many great options out there when it comes to creating a custom wedding book that fits your style. This is such an important step to take with your wedding photos. I can walk through the steps with you and work with you to design create a beautiful heirloom wedding album. Envision pulling it out on your first wedding anniversary (gift is paper, how perfect)… and then each year on your anniversary after that to reminisce together. You will treasure this book for years to come.

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