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It Might Be Time for a New Headshot If...

Having a quality headshot in the age of digital identities is important for a handful of reasons. First impressions matter and that is exactly what your headshot could provide, a first impression.

It allows others to see your personal and professional brand. Even if your headshot will only be used for your LinkedIn profile, it needs to show that you are a professional.

Another thing to remember about your headshot is it doesn't have to look like a stock photo. You don't need to be in a business suit with a white background, unless that's your thing! You can be creative and choose something that highlights who you are and why others would want to work with you.

It may be time for a new headshot if...

1. You don't actually have a professional headshot.

2. Your headshot is fuzzy (or what we like to say, pixelated).

3. You cropped yourself out of a photo, but you can still see someone else!

4. Your headshot is more than 5 years old OR doesn't really look like you!

5. Your headshot doesn't match your professional band or field. Special note here, I have multiple personalities. I'm in business and I'm also a creative. So, although this picture is currently my LinkedIn image, it is not the image I use for my photography business. The point is that if you don't wear a suit normally, don't use a photo of you in a suit for your professional headshot.

6. You don't love the way you look in your current photo. In the picture below, I was 7 months pregnant, my jacket didn't button, and to top it off, I didn't love my hair.

If any of the statements above resonate with you, then CONTACT US...

because, it's time for a new headshot!
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